These funny wedding cake toppers will make you laugh out loud

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Wedding cake toppers can be boring, but the funny ones will make you laugh out loud! Traditionalists will generally go with the bride and groom just standing prettily atop the cake. Some couples have other ideas! A great sense of humor paired with a playful, fun couple leads to one of these cake toppers that will definitely tickle your funny bone! It’s a small way for couples to show their guess a little bit about their relationship! I think they are so fun! This article at shows some of the best! For the couple that is really into working out together, this cake topper that shows the bride lying across a barbell while the groom lifts her is just adorable! For the woman who is convinced she lives in a fairytale, this one with a bride kissing a frog wearing a crown is reminiscent of the stories we heard as children! How cute! We have all heard of an engagement being compared to reeling one’s significant other in, so this one shows the bride reeling her groom in, literally, with a fishing pole! The one that says “game over” is fitting for a man who is definitely the quintessential bachelor! Beer and video games will be no more once she gets a hold of you! For a couple who loves celebrations, this cake shows what the bride and groom will look like several hours from now after imbibing way too much! For the couple who for the couple who can’t believe they’re actually doing this, there is the “we did what” topper. It looks very elegant but conveys the sheer joy and surprise of the occasion! These funny wedding cake toppers will definitely make you laugh out loud!

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